Cross Programme? Experience & approach to ensure the big picture is realised!

Having covered most roles within ERP programmes & the ERP lifecycle (including pre-sales / proposals / partner management) over the past 20 years, Rodney has an ability to understand the 'big picture' and work with senior stakeholders & programme people to achieve the desired outcomes.  This is a very different proposition to having a purely domain-specific resource: it comes down to quickly cementing relationships and credibility and then delivering.

But there's a bit more to it than that...

  • with large, cross process stream pieces of work, it is important to have a person who has a wide understanding of the programme from the perspective of client and consultancy, and from O2C, P2P and R2R's perspective.  A person who can join the dots and communicate at all levels.
  • with smaller, more agile pieces of work, it also helps having that outward vision that means an R2R project is not myopic in outlook (as an example).

If you've got some ideas, get in touch, and we can explore ways to help improve your processes and reduce your risk.