P2P Processes

Here's my P2P experience - as you can see, mainly finance but with loads of cross-pollination into the sourcing side as a result of partnerships with Ariba, Rosslyn Analytics and so on.
  • Purchase order creation: goods / services:
    • Queensland Government (using info-records for req to PO conversion)
    • Various other organisations to refine their strategy and reduce cost of processing the inbound invoice
  • Invoice receipt:
    • Key from image (scan then operator manually keys)
    • Scanning (Optical Character Recognition)
    • Electronic invoices (OB10, TradeShift, Ariba, EGS, other networks)
    • Electronic invoices (XML) - for example, a supplier portal may generate an XML invoice
    • Flipped invoices (taking purchase order data and 'flipping' it to create a 1:1 invoice)
  • Invoice coding:
    • Workflow solutions + Accounts Payable Workbench + Ariba
  • Invoice matching:
    • various matching algorithms at a header and line item level e.g. 1@1000 versus 1000@1 (to sensibly avoid GR/IV problems)
  • Invoice workflows:
    • Stochastic blocking
    • Order / quantity blocking
    • Price blocking
  • Supplier query management:
    • multiple scenarios - effectively like a CRM but for suppliers (i.e. change of bank details) / multiple anti-fraud processes
  • Availability Control
  • Supplier Self Service
    • Vendor Portal design / implementation
    • PO flip design / implementation
    • Self-service design / implementation
  • Fraud Detection:
    • Multiple scenarios either in-house or outsourced
  • PO Clean-up
    • Multiple scenarios based on business rules
  • GR/IR Management
    • Multiple scenarios for multiple clients involving manual and automated (code-based) solutions
  • Spend Analytics
    • Use of SAP LIS
    • Design and selection of vendors versus in-house code (Rosslyn Analytics / Ariba / ABAP / BI)
    • Source of supply
  • Vendor selection for electronic marketplaces / e-invoice providers:
    • Onboarding programmes
    • Supplier profiling
    • RFP / RFI
    • Integration with ERP (SAP)
  • Finance Supply Chain Management
    • Dynamic Discounting (multiple suppliers) + built SAP based / portal based solution
  • Project management:
    • Multiple P2P projects managed successfully
    • Project turnarounds as well
  • Business Scenarios:
    • In-house
    • Outsourced
    • Shared Service
Here are some highlights in reverse chronological order:


Led P2P Blueprint for Thomson (TUI Group) including implementation of ReadSoft (at Blueprint level):

  • Vendor Master Data management
  • Incoming invoice coding / approvals
  • Purchase order creation
  • Supplier / Customer relationships & netting
  • Loads to Suppliers / repayment algorithms

Learned SAP Vendor Invoice Management (Open Text VIM) - performed a wide range of hands-on changes within the Invoicing Cockpit.


Managed the formation of a partnership with Ariba (services & sales) - pre-SAP acquisition.

Used TradeShift & Taulia in solution architectures for low cost electronic invoicing & supply chain financing.

Integrated TradeShift UBL into Accounts Payable Workbench.

Led the partnership with Concur & architected solutions using Concur technology within outsourcing & consulting scenarios.

WNS was the Concur implementation partner at this point.


Enhanced the Accounts Payable Workbench product to include:

  • Improved workflow routines (approval / coding)
  • P-Card integration
  • Accrual reporting automation
  • Vendor Self-service portal
  • Simulation of an MM Invoice and an FI Invoice (per SAP standard)
  • Incorporation of service purchase orders (Service Entry Sheets)

Implemented widely - client examples:

  • Weil-Cornelly University
  • Enfield County Council
  • Newcastle University
  • the British Council
  • Barclays
  • Sony Music


Ran Concur whilst working with lastminute.com as an expense management solution


Development, sale, implementation, solution design, architecture, support of an Incoming Invoice cockpit:

  • Accounts Payable Workbench 2.0 (used Business Connector)
  • Accounts Payable Workbench 3.0 (used Apache Tomcat / Static HTML pages

Software sales occurred via SAP Service Catalogue ('packaged service')

Continual transformation work in the area of P2P Finance; simultaneous streams for SRM implementation.  Clients:

  • London Metropolitan Police Force
  • Centrica
  • Direct Energy
  • EDF
  • Bedfordshire County Council

Specified a dynamic discounting package inside SAP which utilised a web portal & discounted cash flow analysis techniques to allow offers to be made to settle vendor invoices early, at a reduced cost.  The vendor would accept using a self-service portal.  This was coded and taken all the way to a pre-production release.  Insufficient market demand at the time for this solution.


SRM Project Manager - SERCO on-behalf of local government organisation.


P2P Finance lead for Business Process Redesign project - Queensland Government.
160,000 employees, 28 government agencies.


Part of a team that used Lotus Notes to create electronic requisitioning into SAP R/3 for 1200 users.
These were converted to a Purchase Order using info-records.